Operation See Change

Can a big advertising idea change the world?


Of course it can. If you have any doubts, take a look at the examples below and you’ll see how big ideas, superbly thought through, have delivered big results. Operation See Change is an opportunity to uncover an idea that truly impacts our world for the better. 


Here’s how it works:


We’re inviting you to identify an issue that troubles you in your home country or anywhere in the world. Then, come up with a creative idea you think can help begin to solve that problem and inspire people to act and get the media talking.


This could be a long-form or short-form film/video, social media campaign, print or out-of-home media, or an experiential activation or installation.


Whatever medium you choose, please provide a brief explanation (no more than 100 words) that outlines the issue or cause you’re looking to address with your creative.


For print or out of home media, fairly finished layouts are recommended. If your idea takes the form of film/video, please provide a rough written script with 2 or 3 key frames. If your idea is based on an activation or installation, please supply a description and visual reference (could be an image or video link) to help us understand your idea better.


We’re ultimately looking for a truly outstanding idea with which we can approach the right client whose brand/corporate values, we believe to be most suited to the nature of your idea.  We further define that client as ‘the singular individual or company, with the funds and commitment to make a difference at a time of unprecedented upheaval and challenge’.


This venture is one in which Crowdiate will work pro bono. Our only ‘ask’ of our yet-to-be-determined client, will be the funds to produce the best idea and an effective media budget to ensure the creative is seen.


Of course, we haven’t forgotten you. Included in our final working budget, we will ensure a cheque for US$10,000, paid to the originator/s of any idea that gets made. 


Please understand, due to our dependence on funding, it may not be possible to declare a winner. Importantly, you can find further clarification on the ‘rules’ tab above.


We invite you to join a creative huddle to answer any questions on January 30 @ 11:00 ET (UTC -5). To join, visit uberconference.com/crowdiate or dial 1-866-263-0363 (pin 44464). You can also post questions in advance and we’ll share notes in the forum after the call.


The kind of work we’re looking for:


Morning After Island

F*ck the Poor

Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Landfill Harmonic


Fearless Girl

Meet Graham

Participation details:

  • This creative challenge is open to residents from any country.
  • There is no cost to participate and no limit on how many submissions you can enter.
  • Regarding the deadline, we would like to have all entries by February 20.
  • Only PDF files can be submitted.
  • Please refrain from presenting an idea that’s dependent on any one particular brand as this may confine our ability to appeal to a wider spectrum of prospective clients.
  • Crowdiate will evaluate all entries and will shortlist the best ideas for possible refinement to attract clients and partners. We will let you know if your idea is selected within 4-6 weeks following the submission deadline.


Award details:

  • An entry will be deemed a winner only if and when production funding is secured.
  • A one-time payment of USD$10,000 will be awarded for any winning entry.
  • Awards cover the transfer of rights for winning entries.
  • You retain the rights to your idea unless you are compensated.
  • The time frame associated with awarding the winner(s) is contingent upon securing funds.
  • Due to our dependence on funding, it may not be possible to declare a winner.
  • More than one winning entry may be awarded.