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Days of Miracle and Wonder
5/22/2020 Opinion
We will have to choose advertising’s creative destiny very soon ~ Ian Mirlin
Hershey’s puts the idea into the product.
5/11/2020 Media
Hershey’s discovers breakthrough innovation through Crowdiate’s idea-driven, open-source model.
Global COVID-19 challenge sparks campaign for Canada
4/15/2020 Media
Timely creative challenge winning work featured in Campaign US.
A global creative army against a global enemy.
4/6/2020 Ideas Worth Noting
Here’s our shortlist from a recent challenge calling for big ideas encouraging people to stay safe, stay strong and pull together to overcome the global threat of COVID-19. Our sincere...
Virtual Water Cooler
3/18/2020 Community Resources
An interactive chatroom (discord server) for our creative community to connect and talk about ideas and things.
The value of creative partnership.
2/28/2020 Community Resources
Thoughts from our CD Ian Mirlin and a handy resource to find your next creative partner.

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