Is your mind an idea factory?

If you have a passion for the business of advertising and a love of big ideas, we have a lot in common. Join our vibrant community of creative thinkers, writers, art directors and designers and help our clients solve big brand issues.

Ideas wanted. Ideas rewarded.

Here's how we work.

1. First, we help our client develop an inspiring brief. Our briefs are sharp, well thought through and to the point. In short, we work hard to bring you a brief that stimulates the creative imagination.

2. We post the brief on our site. We typically allow roughly two weeks for creative ideas to be submitted.

3. We evaluate every submission, based on two simple criteria: Is the idea on strategy and is the idea insanely great? Then our judges get busy looking for the pearls, ultimately shortlisting the best ideas and sharing them with our client.

Once we and the client reach agreement on which ideas deliver best according to our common criteria, we reward the winning entrants.

Seeing it through.

Where possible, we like to stay engaged with the originator(s) of the idea to move the work forward to production. This step depends on the nature of the concept and the specifics that might be involved.

Our Culture.

We’re strong believers in the value of a culture that’s both open and inclusive.

We host calls with clients on live projects so that you’re able to ask questions about a brief, we retain transparency in all matters of business wherever possible, provide fodder for your work via postings on our ‘noticeboard’ and invite your suggestions to help provide direction for our company.

Most importantly, you have our assurance that your work receives our fullest attention, your talent is valued and your ideas are always fairly represented to our clients.

Our clients include:


How am I rewarded?

There are multiple cash awards available for every project. By being exposed to your particular skills, we’re also able to introduce you to freelance opportunities should they arise from the executional phase of the work. Additionally, we monitor participation in our competitions to further reward members based on our leaderboard.

Who are the people in Crowdiate’s creative community?

Creative directors, writers and art directors at every level whether they’re just starting out in their careers or seasoned veterans. Some may be working in agencies, some are steady freelancers.

What visual presentation quality is expected?

Great execution can help elevate an idea, but at this initial stage of development, sound copy or rough sketches are perfectly acceptable. Just be sure you’re helping us and the client understand your thinking clearly to give yourself every chance of success. (Check out some past winning examples on project pages.)