Virtual Water Cooler

By CrowdiateMarch 18, 2020Community Resources

Hey Everyone!

Like me, you’re all probably starting to go a little bit stir crazy. It’s understandable. This is why we’ve decided now is the right time to launch our very own Discord server. For the uninitiated, Discord is sort of the modern equivalent of early internet chat rooms, except here you can voice chat with Crowdiate members around the world, share images and creative with each other, get help on briefs you’re stuck on and a bunch of other cool features.

Sign up for our Discord server here.

We feel like this would be a great way to get to know you all better, and allow everyone to connect in this time of social isolation. Even when the COVID-19 virus begins to disappear and things start returning to normal, it could be a fantastic resource and fun way to meet new people in the creative community!

Hopefully we see you on there and chat soon!