Our Briefs

By CrowdiateMay 8, 2019Community Resources

1. We work hard to deliver strategies that answer our clients’ business objectives, while ensuring plenty of latitude for your creative solutions. We ask that your work is on brief.
This is the first responsibility we owe our clients.

2. Have a firm understanding of what the strategy aims to accomplish. Read the expressed goal carefully, be sure your solution nails objectives.

3. Be manic about the ‘Single Most Important Thing’ (SMIT). It will help focus your thinking and ensure the relevance of your solution.

4. Brand Personality is an important dimension of your creative idea. We define brand personality as ‘the way a brand walks and talks’. Some simply refer to brand personality as ‘tone and style. ’Whatever you do, please respect the directives of the brand personality guidelines.

5. We admit we have a particulate affinity for simplicity. In our experience, it is the simple answer that provides the most persuasive and elegant creative solution. Please don’t see this as a rule, but it’s always a pleasure when we come across simple brilliance in our competitions.

6. Remember we’re looking for big ideas. Though the media channel described in the brief may only be a billboard or social media platform, don’t be afraid to show ideas that go further than the media prescribed. This is one area in which you’re welcome to go beyond the brief.