Signs of Life: The Bird.

By CrowdiateOctober 23, 2018Opinion

A sign of life is a creative idea, an act of imagination, a gesture of human consideration for the other that robots could never give birth to.

This past summer, an urgent plea taped to a telephone pole on our street aroused its fair share of neighbourly compassion, until an anonymous passerby applied a creative leap that transformed our perspective.

Creativity reshuffles the deck that forms our view of reality.

The creative mind doesn’t behave deductively, or analytically or categorically in the way the rational mind does.

The way artificial intelligence does.

Creativity draws from the deep well of human feelings, a well unknown to machines.

The language of the heart not of the mind,

Creativity is emotional intelligence at play in the world.

Emotional Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

EI and AI.

Somewhere a liberated bird appreciates the difference.

– Ian Mirlin